Rembiont SaaS

Rembiont SaaS provides hosted access to a fully featured essay analysis system. The system caters for Student, Teacher and Administrator roles.


Students can sit assessments and view their progress and improvement over time. Essay questions in assessments will be graded within a few seconds, providing rapid feedback on skill levels and suggestions for improvement. Students can make improvements and re-grade iteratively until they are confident in submitting their essay to their teacher for review. Once reviewed, the student can see their teachers comments alongside the automated grading results.


Teachers can view the automated grading results for their students and view each student’s progress over time. The automated grading reduces mundane tasks such as checking spelling, grammar, language, citations and topic coverage. The teacher then has more time to provide feedback on the more qualitative aspects of the essay such as style and depth of thought. The teacher can enter this feedback for the student to review alongside the automated grading results.


Administrators can customise grading rubrics, scoring ranges, report layout and language to suit the target audience and the teaching priorities.